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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Cruise Ship Budgeting Tips

Many people and their families would like to go on vacation but there are just as many who lack the money and if they can go on vacation many times it is just to visit to an amusement park, or possibly campgrounds. But if you’d like to experience a better vacation such as one on a cruise liner then you should not to limit yourself too much.

Golf Club Covers: It’s just Weird

When someone refers to golf club covers they are referring to the sock like covers put on the longer golf clubs known as woods. However the notion of golf club covers can also extend to the rest of the bag of clubs as the idea of iron covers is also becoming quite popular. The golf club covers do a lot for your golf club. They protect your club in the rain and damp weather. If you lay your bag down in freshly cut grass the golf club covers will make sure the grass doesn’t cover your clubs.

Guide to Buying Wedding Favors for a Tropical Wedding

A wedding that is held in a tropical environment is always special and beautiful. But not everyone can afford to have their wedding in a tropical paradise. The alternative is to bring the tropics to your wedding, wherever it may be. By choosing a tropical wedding theme you can also enjoy the unique magic that the tropics always offer. Of course, you need to take care that you bear your tropical theme in mind when you do your wedding shopping. The things you purchase need to fit in with the theme of the wedding.

Cuzco Catedral Hotel Casa Andina Classic: A Prime Hotel in a Prime Location

If you wish to immerse yourself to the rich tradition and history of Peru, you need to visit Cusco, the archaeological capital of the country, as it is called. Staying in one of the best hotels in Cusco, the Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel an ideal option, as the hotel is situated in the heart of the vibrant town, a ten minutes drive away from the airport.

Keeping Your Shimano Fishing Reel Clean

Cleaning your reel is important I’m afraid, if you want it to last, and to continue to perform. And nothing is worse than hooking that big one, only to have problems with your rod or reel. Not to mention it’ll last a lot longer if you clean it once in a while!

How To Plan An Inspiring Yet Inexpensive Wedding

A beautiful wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. The more personalized it is for the couple, the more memorable it becomes. A little help from family and friends do not only strengthen the emotional bond but also makes the wedding an exciting event for everyone. These are the basic ingredients to an inexpensive wedding. Like an inexpensive but heartily given gift, it?s really the thought that counts.

The Masters Golf Winners

Among the highest honors a professional golfer can achieve in their career is to be one of the Masters Golf winners. The Masters, of course is one of the biggest events in golf. One of the four champion ship tournaments on the PGA Tour, this event is held at Augusta, Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club, which is unique among the hosts of the major tournaments in being a members-only club, something which has sparked some controversy in the past.

Boating Supplies and Boat Accessories Marine Depot Spending

There is no reason to pay top dollar for your boating supplies from your local boat supply dealer. There are gigantic sources of vendors if you know where to look. There is a virtual supermarket for every conceivable type of boat related product available for purchase.

Arnold Palmer – The Man From Latrobe

Arnold Daniel Palmer was born on September 10, 1929 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, or as the residents there call it “Laaatrobe,” with an emphasis on the “A.” Considered to be one of the greatest golf players in history he has won a number of events including the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour dating back to 1955. Given the nickname, “The King,” he is popular among both fans and golf pros around the world. Part of golf’s Big Three that included Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, with the emergence of televised sports in the 1950′s, Palmer and his Big Three buddies made golf interesting, and watchable.

All About Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods

There is no doubt that the best fly fishing rod material is good bamboo properly selected, cured, split, glued, and correctly proportioned. It possesses strength combined with lightness, resiliency, pliancy, power and balance in greater degree than either steel or solid woods.