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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

It Is A Smart Move To Get Excess Valuation For Your Insurance

Not many travelers are aware that the airlines can provide you with protection for your luggage outside of any travel insurance you might get.  This insurance referred to as excess valuation can be acquired through the airline and this would hold them liable for up to the amount of $3000 should your baggage end up [...]

A Few Things to Know When Renting a Vacation House

Renting vacation homes is a great idea this is because you will get more space, amenities, and overall value compared to staying in a hotel room.  The following are a few things to know when renting your vacation house. It is a huge decision choosing the right vacation home, it is one of the up-most important [...]

Reisen nach Thailand

Wer kennt sie nicht, die Bilder von weißen Sandstränden, goldene Tempeln und Buddhas, kristallklarem Wasser, Kokospalmen und quirligem Durcheinander in den Straßen der Städte. Thailand, dieses asiatische Land zieht jedes Jahr Urlauber aus aller Welt, besonders in den Wintermonaten, magisch an. Die beste Reisezeit ist von Dezember bis März. Zu dieser Zeit können Sie in [...]

Iowa Getaways – Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

You can find many American stories of human determination and willpower which have motivated millions throughout the world. President Hebert Hoover’s rise to Presidency is one such story of bravery and willpower. The Herbert Hoover National historic site in Iowa conserves the place of birth of the President plus presents the story of the beginning [...]

Air Berlin

Are youplanning a trip from Berlin to Paris but are having trouble deciding whether it would make more sense to travel by plane, train or car? Berlin is just about 550 miles from Paris, which makes flying the most attractive travel option for most. It certainly is the most pragmatic option if you need to [...]

Cruise and stay in the Mediterranean

If you could ever have a criticism of a cruise holiday, and that is a big ‘if’, then it would be that you don’t always get as long as you perhaps might want at each port of call before you have to move on to the next. Cruise holidays allow you to travel in the [...]

Tunisia Travel Information – A Few Ideas On What To Expect And What To See And Do

Tunisia, in northeastern Africa is a beautiful country to visit: a country of spices and flowers, ancient history, friendliness, wonderful hotels, restaurants and first class airports. Tunisia is blessed with a wonderful climate and a scenic coastline. It is bordered by the Mediterranean on the north and east and Libya, to the southeast and Algeria [...]

Choosing The Right Backpacking Sleeping Bags

When you are planning a major backpacking trip its essential that you know how to pick quality backpacking sleeping bags.  There are plenty of choices that it may confound even one of the most skilled backpacker.  By knowing what you need it is possible to select the very best sleeping bag that will work best [...]

Mountains in Tasmania

Tasmania is envied owing to its developed and maintained natural beauty. It is located in an exhilarating island of South-East Australia. The Island is renowned its exceptional mountainous natural feature. So far,the region is still a place to vast untouched forest, beautiful beaches, mountains and lakes. The island of Tasmania has become popular for it [...]

Feel The Mountain Breezes Blow In Pennsylvania

Hiking in Pennsylvania is not like hiking in the Rockies or High Sierra and that’s a wondrous thing! A hiking adventure in the Keystone State presents a much different experience in a revered area of the nation that is rich in native and human history in America’s eastern woodland region. From a Pennsylvania cabin rental [...]