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Catalina Island Vacation – Paradise Found!

Santa Catalina Island is part of the beautiful Channel Islands Archipelago, which stretches for miles along the Southern California coast. Just 22 miles long and 8 miles wide, rugged and beautiful Catalina Island is home to some of the richest marine diversity in the world. Catalina Island is the only Channel Island that is developed, but most of the island is still protected, and most the inhabitants are concentrated in the town of Avalon.

Located approximately 22 miles south-southwest of Los Angeles, Catalina Island makes the island a perfect destination for weekend vacations, honeymoons, weddings and day trips. There are unlimited ways to enjoy Catalina including diving, hiking, sailing, sport fishing, camping, golf and more. Each of these activities is deeply connected to the islands rich history.

The majority of the island’s residents are concentrated in the port town of Avalon, with 300 or so more in the more remote Two Harbors. Islanders typically work in the tourism industry in some way, some are artisans, baoting enthusiasts, or retirees. All supplies must be shipped in from the mainland, making fuel, groceries and just about everything else expensive and prone to shortages. There are strict regulations regarding motor vehicles on the island so resident use modified golf cart to get around. These things add to the island’s charm and easy pace of life.

Most of the island is managed by the Catalina Island Conservancy, which endeavors to restore the islands original flora and fauna. However, they are also charged with protecting one of the most interesting transplants to the island, a massive herd of wild Bison, which were brought in by a film production over 50 years ago.

Golf carts and bicycles are the best ways to explore the narrow streets and meet locals. for those interested in the islands rich history, or seeking adventure, there are guided tours for just about everything on the island.

Lodging is available for all budgets, including budets accomodations, spa resorts, vacation rentals and small intimate inns. There are plenty of activities to fill day trips or stays of a few days or more with great dining, boutique shops, tours, and adventures to keep visitors interested. Catalina Island is like another world compared to the California mainland, and is close enough to make weekend trips easy and affordable.

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