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Escape Office Stress – Backpacking Europe

Backpacking in Europe can be a great thing to do to soak up some culture, fun and adventure on a holiday or a gap year. Everybody wants to go there! Even history tells us it’s the birthplace of history!

Europe has got a diverse mix of cultures, places and a rich history. Backpacking in Europe is what you need as an alternative to other gimmicks and hang outs specially if you’re a student thatneeds a braek from studies or a professional that needs a rest from that stressful office.

To start off, like any good backpacking trip, the planning is essential. Good planning will ensure you see the places you want to see without missing out on any interesting attractions that you might remember later. Europe offers some great experiences for the discerning traveler. We suggest you get a good guidebook and do your research prior to leaving home for a more enriching experience.

London is a friendly metropolis that is also a shopper’s paradise. But make sure you do all that purchasing on your return journey! Paris is laid back and easier on the wallet. It is also artsy and a great way to start off some cultural tourism (the Louvre is a must visit). Germany can be rather staid but it holds some very appealing secrets. Amsterdam is always massive and there is nothing like Eastern Europe for some affordable thrills. When backpacking Europe, you have to make a trip through some if the famous historical site, any trip without doing it is incomplete.

Traveling is not that tricky too. A number of airlines offer you great rates to many European vacation spots. Most of Europe is well connected with railways and good package deals can be found if you are traveling to multiple spots. Ensure you take a good backpack and pack all essential items like medication and other emergency needs. A camera is  vital for any good backpacking Europe trip. For snowy part of the travel, don’t forget your snow jacket and snowshoes. Arcteryx Sidewinder is a good choice for jacket and MSR Denali Evo Ascent for snowshoes.

Hotels and hostels that fit a wallet traveler’s tastes can be found all over Europe. Some even make it possible for the guest to make bookings beforehand. So if you are planning on backpacking Europe, you are advised to do some Internet browsing and contrast and compare the various options available. Pick out the best one that suits your traveling needs. Always make sure you keep in mind when you plan to travel. Things you might want to consider aside from prices can be the availability of flexible opening hours, locker or luggage room, the number of people you are traveling with.

If you are backpacking Europe during busy times, such preparation can save you a mountain of hassle. And if you do get into a jam without a place to stay at, don’t panic; head over to the closest Tourist Information Center and they’ll sort you out with a room in short order. In all, if you are looking for a great time, a relaxing time spending with friends or family, European backpacking is the way to go!

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