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New Approaches To Tourism In Wales

In a survey carried out for ‘Visit Britain’, it was recently discovered that the Welsh Castles came out top of the list of priorities for 10,000 visitors from 20 countries. The assumption seems to be that the Castles have something to do with King Arthur. The reality is that the castles have a lot more to do with the control of the Welsh population during the Medieval age, rather than having all that much to do with the 6th Century king. Nonetheless, the love that Arthurian legend deserves in the international community increasingly drives visitors to Wales. There are many sites connected with the stories of Arthur, such as the birthplace of Merlin, Carmathen.

You’ll discover a practically limitless list of places to visit in Wales, but until recently, the industry has seemed almost too backwards looking. Whilst Wales is well positioned to accept waves of international tourists looking into its past, the last two decades have been about a new Welsh tourism that is far more dynamic and exciting. Wales is renowned as a venue for outdoor pursuits, and its spectacular landscapes deserve to be explored by an international audience. You can take up most of the conventional wind, wave and hill based outdoor sports in Wales: wind surfing, sailing, kayaking, mountain biking and so forth. But the heart of the Welsh extreme sports scene is in its less conventional pursuits. Often worthy of export to nations around the globe, the best example is undoubtedly Coasteering. Coasteering is a simple but difficult sport: it’s essentially a coast-level ramble around from beach to beach, traversing rocks and cliffs. The flexibility of the coast providing courses for experienced and inexperienced adventurers.

There is still room for those who fall somewhere in between youthful abandonment and historical contemplation though. So for something more serene, how about a trip to Cardiff? You can tell a lot about the character of the place by how TV shows are filmed there, and Cardiff is becoming a world leader in this respect. And whilst you can’t stand dramatically on the edges of most buildings, John Barrowman style, a cult TV fan knows which gardens to visit: Portmeirion, where ‘The Prisoner’ was filmed.

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