Catalina Island Cheap Hotels

If you're thinking of vacationing on Catalina Island, then you are undoubtedly making a great vacation decision. Catalina Island, while only 22 miles across has actually been the set for several different movies, one of which happened to be a 1920s silent film called Terror Island. The film starred none other than Harry Houdini and was directed by James Cruze. In addition to that, the FOX series "Arrested Development" also filmed one of their episodes on the island. There have been a number of other television shows and movies filmed on Catalina, and as a result it has become quite the tourist attraction. That being the case, you're more than likely interested in seeing the sights and enjoying the hotspots but before you can do any of that you will need to locate some of the cheaper hotels on Catalina Island.

There are a few things you won't want to do, one of which is jumping onto the first hotel deal that you come across. For instance there are many who would say to avoid the Catalina Lodge simply because the rooms do not feature telephones, and they are entirely too small. In addition to that they lack service, and when you're on vacation, you certainly do not want to use accommodations that lack service in any capacity.

Finding cheap hotels on Catalina Island without compromising quality does not have to be difficult, and you will in fact only need to perform a few quick internet searches. Let's take the Catalina Canyon Resort and Spa for example. This is a great hotel just ½ mile from the beach and ¼ mile from the Catalina Island Golf Course. This hotel has rooms that range from $89, which is relatively cheap when you consider you will be spending time at an island resort.

cheap hotels catalina island

Other hotels can be located by searching through travel websites and even hotel directories. If you were to use a travel website then you may very well locate deals that have been brokered between a specific hotel and that travel website. In other words, you might find hotel deals for as little as 75% off, though this usually comes as the result of a hotel not filling all of its vacant rooms during the travel season. You more than likely will not find such deals during the off season, but if you are patient then you never know just what you might find.

As you can see there are plenty of different things to consider when it comes to finding cheap Catalina Island Hotels. Once you locate the best hotel, you will be able to come back a number of times and you will even know which sites are best. It may even become a family tradition, so find a hotel and start your vacation right away!