Catalina Island Resorts and Spa Resorts

Catalina is without a doubt one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States, though it is far enough away from the mainland as to make you feel you're finally getting away from civilization as you know it. In addition to being a beautiful location, this island has also been the shooting location of several different movies and television shows. The television shows aside, there have been several different notable visitors and residents, including General George S. Patton Jr., though he was only a child at the time. Along with that, Marilyn Monroe lived in Avalon with her first husband, and Ronald Reagan traveled to Catalina to cover the Cubs throughout their spring training.

As you can see, this island has plenty of history, and by vacationing on Catalina you may very well be walking the same paths and performing the same activities as some of the greatest people in history, and that alone should be reason enough to visit the island. If that isn't enough however, then you might be interested in some of the Catalina Island resorts that are available to tourists and visitors.

As always, there are certain hotels you will want to avoid, and including to one review website, the Catalina Resort Hotel is one location that should be avoided. One referred to it as a disaster, and another declared it was overpriced and dirty. Interestingly enough, there were a few people stating that it was a great party location.

Finding a decent hotel should not be terribly difficult and all you need to do is start your search online. There are some who might be tempted to visit a brick and mortar travel agent, but there are several benefits to using an online travel site as an alternative:

Discounts: As you probably know, there are more than a few discounts available, especially if you are shopping online. In many cases certain resorts or hotels will not meet their quotas, and as a result they will end up offering their rooms for a much lower rate than you would see in most other cases.

Convenience: Obviously buying online will be more convenient for several reasons. The most obvious reason of course will be the fact that you can view several different hotel deals at once, and you will be able to determine which is better without the interference of an actual travel agent.

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These are two very good reasons to make use of online travel sites, and once you locate one that you like, you can use it over and over again to visit Catalina island and see some of the best sites in the world. Perhaps you're wanting to try something new, or maybe you truly want to get away. Whatever your reason, Catalina can certainly accommodate.