Catalina Express Ferry Service

Catalina Express operates one of the most widely used Catalina ferry services. The fleet consists of eight beautifully designed vessels, including four high-speed catamarans.

Departures from Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point are offered daily year-round, providing as many as 30 round trips, with increased schedules during the busier summer months.

Catalina Express is pretty reasonable about allowing visitors and residents to transport most items. However, it is dependent on available space in the luggage area and they are not responsibel for lost or stolen items. See below for a list of acceptable baggage items and specific policies for individual items.

Pets are allowed pretty much anywhere on board [with the exception of the Captains Lounge], and must be either leashed or muzzled, or transported in a suitable carrying case for the duration of the trip. Catalina Express does not offer any kind of sitting services during the trip or once at port.

Known for their reliability and incredibly smooth rides, the Catalina Express fleet also uses environmentally friendly engines that are designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and diesel particulate. These special engines are not only quieter and less disruptive, but are about ¼ more fuel-efficient than traditional diesel engines.

Each vessel is maintained 365 days a year to ensure that they are performing to the highest standards. For this reason, Catalina Express has an unparalleled track record when it comes to consistency and reliability. Onboard each vessel in the fleet you will find high-speed ride control systems operated by on board computers for a fast smooth ride.
Each Catalina Express vessel offers comfortable inside cabin seating, outside upper deck seating, fully licensed bar and snack bar. All levels are wheelchair accessible.

Catalina Ferry - Catalina Flyer

Passengers can upgrade their seating to the Commodores lounge for an additional $15 and enjoy more comfortable seating in a more intimate lounge environment, priority boarding and a complimentary beverage served by cabin attendants. The upgraded leather trimmed seating is wider, reclines for comfort and comes with individual tray tables. In addition, the Commodore Lounge’s upper level location on the JetCat Express, Starship Express and Catalina Jet catamarans offer seat-to-ceiling level windows for great ocean views. Pets are not permitted in the Commodore Lounge.

Passengers interested in traveling in the lap luxury can upgrade to the Captains Lounge for a $60 upgrade [departures from San Pedro/Long Beach] or an $80 upgrade [departures from Dana Point] and enjoy pre-boarding priveleges, a complimentary beverage and plush seating in a private lounge which accommodates up to 6 passengers [departures from San Pedro/Long Beach] or up to 8 passengers [departures from Dana Point]. Catering is available for passengers who choose the luxury and comfort of the Captain’s Lounge.


The current summer rates for Catalina Flyer are as follows*


Adult (12-54 yrs) One Way 33.25 Round Trip 66.50
Senior (55+ yrs) One Way 30.00 Round Trip 60.00
Child (2-11 yrs)* One Way 25.50** Round Trip 51.00**
Infant (under 2 yrs) One Way 2.00 Round Trip 4.00

Bikes/surfboards One Way 3.00 Round Trip 6.00


Adult (12-54 yrs) One Way 34.25 Round Trip 68.50
Senior (55+ yrs) One Way 31.00 Round Trip 62.00
Child (2-11 yrs)* One Way 26.50** Round Trip 53.00**
Infant (under 2 yrs) One Way 2.00 Round Trip 4.00

Bikes/surfboards One Way 3.00 Round Trip 6.00

* Rates are subject to change - we are not responsible for discrepencies in listed rates.

** Children under 7 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Catalina Ferry - Catalina Flyer

Additional Baggage Information for Catalina Express

Dive Tanks
A passenger is allowed to bring only one dive tank and weight belt on board free of charge in addition to any personal baggage. Any such dive tank and weight belt must be kept in the available tank racks or crew designated area on board the vessel. No additional dive tanks are allowed and weights are not to be stored in luggage. Catalina Express assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft of dive tanks or weight belts.

Dive Bags
A passenger is allowed to bring only one dive bag, containing properly stowed miscellaneous dive equipment. The dive bag must meet luggage allowances and must be kept in a crew-designated area on board the vessel.

One fold-up stroller per infant/child may be brought on board and transported free of charge. It must fold and fit in the luggage compartment or crew designated area.

Bicycles, Jogger Strollers, Surfboards, Two Wheeled Dollies & Four Wheeled Wagons
Bicycles and jogger strollers will be carried as “additional articles” on a space available basis. Surfboards, up to 9’ in length, are also acceptable as “additional articles” on a space available basis as are two wheeled dollies capable of disassembly. Four wheeled wagons not exceeding 36” in length are allowed as “additional articles” when accompanied by a child or infant under 11 years of age. There will be a charge of $3.00 each way, per article and they are to be stored in crew designated areas.

Tandem Bicycles, Kayaks, Four Wheeled Dollies & Trashcans
Tandem bicycles and kayaks will not be carried on board the vessel. Four wheeled dollies and trashcans are not permitted.

Electrical & Musical Equipment
Electronic, computer, audio/visual or related items or equipment can be carried at passenger’s own risk on a space available basis and must meet baggage allowances and will be stored in baggage compartment or crew designated areas.

Musical instruments and band related equipment can be carried at passenger’s own risk and must meet baggage allowances and must be stored in baggage compartment or crew designated areas.

Personal domestic pets are to be leashed and muzzled or in a pet carrying case while waiting to board the boat and for the duration of the trip. One pet per passenger. Pets are to stay close to the owner on the deck. Pets are not allowed in passenger seats or in the aisles where they may obstruct traffic. Pets must be secure in a muzzle, leash and collar or a muzzle and harness sufficiently strong and tight fitting to securely hold the pet, or the pet must be enclosed in a suitable animal carrier throughout the duration of the trip. Catalina Express will not assume obligations to store or care for pets at ports, docks or on board vessels. Animals must not have an offensive odor. Animals are not permitted in the Commodore's Lounge.

Articles And Materials Prohibited In Baggage
Acids, batteries, boxes (except those containing apparel or mechanic’s tools), camp stoves and lanterns (except electric or when propane or butane canisters are removed), charcoal, chinaware, human corpses, construction materials, cots, dangerous articles, explosives, firewood, fireworks, food stuffs, furniture, gambling devices, gasoline, glass or glassware, guns (loaded), household articles, inflammable materials, internal combustion engines of any kind, jewelry, kerosene, liquids, lumber, matches, merchandise, motorcycles, nails, outboard motors, perishable articles, paint, paint thinner, private papers or articles of extraordinary value, produce, televisions (except portable), tires, trail bikes, typewriters (except portable), and wire.

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