Catalina Island Fishing

The waters off the coast of southern California, and the abundant offshore waters of Catalina Island are teeming with sea life of all varieties. For sport fishermen the question is simply “what kind of fish do you want to catch?” The opportunity to get yourself a trophy fish is always there when you cast your line into the Catalina Island fishing beds. Booking a Catalina Fishing Charter is your best bet if you want to get into the action.

Marlin is probably the most sought after trophy fish that visiting saltwater sport fisherman are after. Catalina is renowned as a great place to catch marlin, and a cannon blasts alerts the town that a Marlin has been caught and delivered to the famous Rosie’s Fish Market on Pleasure Pier. After the fish is hung on the piers scale, a bottle of champagne is given to the fisherman and a photo is taken to record the event; a great way to record the finale of an exciting angling experience.

The Gold Cup Marlin Catalina Island Fishing Tournament

Since 1981, The Gold Cup Marlin Tournament has been a yearly event that draws saltwater sport fishing enthusiasts from all over California. Weighing in at 234.5 pounds, the biggest prizewinning Marlin was brought in 1995 and the winner collected a hefty $40, 000. The event spawns a whole weekend of partying and excitement to the island. To find out more, you can call the Catalina Chamber of Commerce at 310 510 1520.

There are two smaller tournaments that are less expensive to enter, with smaller prizes, but still a lot of fun. The Tin Cup Tournament and the Catalina Classic – held in September.

Aside from Marlin, there are many varieties of sport fish that anglers can catch such as Black Sea Bass, Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Sand Dabs, Rock Cod, Button Perch, Sheepshead, Bonito, Halibut, Barracuda and the list goes on…

Anglers must have a valid California fishing license, and any of the Catalina Fishing charter captains will require this for you to book Catalina fishing charters. Don't worry, a fishing license can be obtained easily enough either at Joe’s Rent-a-Boat or High Trade Traders in Avalon. Fishermen are reminded to observe the no-fishing zones of Lover’s Cove and Casino Point. Ask the harbormaster at the end of Green Pleasure Pier if you aren’t sure.